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Buford Hudson started working in barbecue when he was in the eighth grade. At that young age he commuted from his hometown of Douglasville 30 miles east to Atlanta to work at the Old Hickory Barbecue, owned by brothers Winton and Willy Wallace, who taught him how to serve customers and cook pork shoulders.

In 1971, Buford opened Hudson’s Hickory House with the same menu of hickory-smoked pork shoulder, beef, chicken, ribs, and signature Brunswick stew. More than 30 years later, Hudson’s is a local institution.

Many dishes are handmade to order. Hamburger is freshly ground daily and they are most always smoking meat to keep up with high customer demands. The menu has expanded over the years as Buford keeps a keen ear for his customers’ wants.

Picture of Buford Hudson and Scott Hudson

Hudson’s now offers hot dogs, steaks, house-made vegetable soup, and a Hudson’s creation called “Hickory Fries,” which are French fries covered with cheese and pork, served with house-made ranch dressing. And, their salad dressings are made in house daily. Pork plates and sandwiches are still their signature items. In their spirit of excellent customer service, you can get your pork anyway you like: pulled, chopped, inside meat or outside meat.

Picture of Scott Hudson
Picture of Scott Hudson and patrons of Hudson's

Food Trekkers Review

Buford Hudson opened this popular family restaurant in 1971, and created a style only found in the city’s western suburbs. His hickory-smoked chopped pork is served completely drowned in a thin, blood-red vinegar / Worcestershire / pepper sauce that nobody anywhere outside of this region replicates. Absolutely unique and utterly unforgettable. Click here to read actual review.Food Trekkers 2014

Scott and Buford Hudson 2019 Interview


Buford & Scott Hudson of Hudson's Hickory House in Douglasville, Georgia talk about the origins and family values of Hudson's Hickory House BBQ. In this 2019 interview the Buford and Scott talk about how it all got started.

Picture of Buford Hudson and Scott Hudson
Picture of Buford Hudson and Scott Hudson with family
Picture of Buford Hudson & granddaughter