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  1. I’m a lifelong Douglasville native. Growing up we had Hudson’s at minimum, twice a month, and now treating my family to the same. Hudson’ Hickory House is the BBQ which all others are measured. Super fast service, friendly staff, and always familiar faces.

  2. I’ve eaten Hudson’s since I was “knee high to a grasshopper” and 35+ years later, I still think they are the best. I’ve ate almost all of the menu items listed and never have been disappointed. My favorites remain the pork and beef sandwiches, super salads and loaded Hickory potatoes. I would eat here constantly if I could. I have NEVER found a bbq restaurant as great as Hudon’s and probably never will. I love this place.

  3. Thank you Hudson’s bbq for providing excellent service for my granddaughter’s wedding today. The food was, as always, excellent. Hudson’s on the Lake was the perfect. romantic wedding venue. Scott Hudson was so easy to work with and made our day less stressful.

  4. I love Hudson’s. Have eaten there for years. Quality of the meat is excellent. Everything there is excellent except the fries. They seem to be a poor quality. Many black spots all throughout. Please use a better potato.

  5. I’ve been eating at Hudson’s for 40 years and make a trip to Douglasville at least once a year just for the barbecue. On the way home from school we would stop by for an ice tea. Monday nights after our club meetings we always got a group together and had dinner there. In the summer after a group of us spent the day swimming at Dog River we would head to Hudson’s for a sandwich, fries and a tea. This place brings back some great memories.

  6. I’ve been eating at Hudson’s Hickory House since it opened. I love the BBQ, stew, fries, salads and the best tea around! My daughter got married in March and wanted “Bufords” for the reception. It was very good and I knew by having his BBQ, everyone would be happy!

    My family has been having get-together’s there for as long as I can remember…actually had one last night with about 35 of us! We had the best two waitresses too. Our food came quick and hot! Thank you so much, Hudson’s, for taking such wonderful care of the Nalley’s, Sewell’s, Dunkin’s, and all of our extended families. We always leave full and happy!

  7. Hudson’s is a cornerstone of restaurant life in Douglasville, GA. I’ve been eating here since 1970 and the food has been consistently delicious with fast, accurate service. Hudson’s specialty is slow roasted pork and beef barbeque, which is served chopped if you order a plate. It comes with real potato fries, not frozen, that are cut fresh for orders. The salads are delicious with the best blue cheese dressing on the planet. Seriously, I sometimes go and get a quart of dressing because it’s so good. The price is right, as well! Don’t forget to try their Brunswick Stew, either, because it, too, is pleasing to the pallet. Rather than sweet, sticky barbeque sauce, Hudsons is a thin, vinegary sauce that is delicious for those who love this type sauce, but if you don’t like vinegar sauce, you may not like it. I love this place. It’s always packed at lunch and dinner. Hudson’s has a takeout side as well. You can get barbeque by the pound if you want to take home a large order or catering. Hudson’s is not only delicious, but a part of Douglasville and Douglas County’s history. I highly recommend this quick dinning joint

  8. Hudson’s is one of my absolute favorite places to eat. It not only is amazing food but it also holds many wonderful memories of my parents who have both passed on. Thank you for that and the always friendly and efficient service you provide in each and every visit.

  9. Great food have eaten here for years… The staff and ownership take pride in all they do there.

  10. I came here as a little girl , about 40 years ago and still love it and my almost grown kids too never disappointed!! It’s s Douglas county treasure !

  11. I grew up on Hudsons BBQ! They have the best BBQ, home cut fries, Brunswick stew and tea around!!! And the price for a BBQ pork plate combo with stew and fries is a bargain… you will not leave hungry!!! I would recommend Hudsons to anybody that loves BBQ!!!! I live in Alabama now and I stop in to eat there anytime I am close to it… which isn’t often enough!!!

  12. It’s the best food in the universe. I have been going to Hudson’s off and on for 15 years of my life. Now that I live in South Carolina I crave Hudson’s almost everyday.

  13. I ALWAYS visit my home BBQ joint Hudsons BBQ whenever I can. Nobody else has a better pork plate! Love the fries and Brunswick stew! I sell real estate in Georgia and Tennessee now, but remember riding my bicycle as a kid down to Hudsons to get tea to cool off with my buddies and I have traveled enough to know theirs is indeed the best around!

  14. My all-time favorite place to eat. Portions are large, price is right and the menu is varied! Large quart sweet teas or sodas as well! If you haven’t had Hudson’s you just haven’t had bar-b-que! And the Blue Cheese dressing is out of this world good! On a salad, as a dip for your fries, fried dill pickles, on a baked potato, I could eat it by itself just dipping captain’s wafers! I could eat there every night of the week and have something different and good!

  15. Been enjoying Buford Hudson’s BBQ for probably 45 years. Still just as good as ever. The pork, ribs, beef, and chicken are cooked very well – never dried out. The house marinade and sauce is very good and the house hot sauce adds just the right kick. The other menu items are good as well. The Brunswick stew is pretty good but I kick in some hot sauce to make it just right. When I am within any easy driving distance of my hometown and Hudson’s is open – that’s where you’ll find me. Consistently good. Give it a try.

  16. Wow. Love their food!! Tried many different places and none compare. Craved it bad in Colorado and in I Illinois. No where is as good. Thank you for all u do to make u customer happy. Love it love it.!! And keep on keeping on.Your the bomb when it comes to BBQ. Thanks again

  17. Being from Huntsville, Alabama, we eat or bbq a little different….but I was pleasantly surprised with their generous provision of the vinegar based sauce. Which I loved. The portions are way more than enough and the sweet tea was right on Alabama Point sweetness….next time I’m in the area, will definitely stop in and I will be telling people! Service was absolutely charming and quick.Very Very Good!

  18. If you like Varsity chili dogs you’ll love Hudson’s! They also have fried pickles…yum yum. They serve the best sweet tea from anywhere. I used to go there every day after school for a glass! My family has been going there for years…friends also. Best BBQ around in my book.

  19. If there is any of old Douglas County remaining, it is at Hudson’s. Thanks for being a constant good staple in an ever changing county.

  20. I have been eating your bar-be-que since the late 70’s and I just wanted to say that I have never had BBQ any where else that even compares to you guys. I live in North Ga now and can’t get there as often, but when I am out that way, you know where I go. Keep doing what you are doing and don’t change a thing. You have a monopoly on it for sure. Love you guys

  21. I just discovered Hudson’s within the last year. Friends of mine practically grew up on Hudson’s and was surprised I had never been. It is a total experience and BBQ heaven. My favorite are the fries which remind me of the ones my mom used to make from scratch, real potatoes fried in oil. Delicious. The fried pickles are also amazing…and I the fried green beans. Highly recommend this wonderful family restaurant!

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